Our Vision

::projective is a collective of industry leaders, innovation experts, change consultants and technologists with exceptional domain expertise and experience

Our vision is to enable our clients to build the next generation businesses to transform markets, and adapt new business models to have a positive and lasting impact on society at large

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We facilitate the diversity of ideas required for true innovation and change to emerge

What we do

::projective is a business, technology and innovation consulting and change firm exclusively focused on the financial industry

We have created a unique ecosystem to bring cutting-edge ideas, solutions and services to our clients. 

We drive change, inspire innovation, facilitate cost reduction, and enable new value creation across the financial services ecosystem(s). We are a true partner who can transform promising ideas into tangible and sustainable results.

The financial industry is undergoing a significant transformation. This is fueled by many challenging factors which require all industry participants to develop sustainable answers about their future and successful execution of change and innovation.

Customer sophistication

The balance of power is shifting away from the financial institutions to the individuals. Consumers – both business based and private alike – take greater charge of their financial futures, make better use of the data they have at their fingertips and manage their personal data better.

Technology-induced innovation

Market share of major and even smaller financial institutions is eroding. New entrants are emerging from in and outside the financial sector and technology is democratized and made available to everyone. These evolutions result in new products, services and customer experiences.

Regulatory cost

The never-ending wave of regulatory reforms will continue to reshape the financial landscape. Institutions respond to ensure they remain ahead of the compliance curve at the lowest possible cost and without risking breaches and resulting fines.

Economic underperformance

Financial institutions are struggling to cover their cost of capital. That is why they need to find new ways to generate drive levels of performance. Today, ongoing transformational change and more prudent cost take out, whilst building new customer value creation opportunities to drive new top-line revenues is a must.

Part of an ecosystem for change and innovation

We operate at the heart of a business and technology ecosystem that doesn’t just dream but delivers innovation and change, addressing the most important issues today to position our clients to best address the challenges of tomorrow

With access to a unique portfolio of leading-edge partners, the ::projective ecosystem goes far beyond traditional consulting. It doesn’t only drive and deliver lasting change and measurable value, but insightful innovation to overcome today’s industry challenges and transform tomorrow’s business performance. With the ability to access progressive, innovative skillets from our unique partner network, we will work as partners to design, prototype, implement and continually iterate the solution that is right for your business and for your clients.

The Glue

Ideation and co-creation of digital marketplaces for the financial industry.

The Glue is your end-to-end partner for digital platforms in the financial services sector. Backed by the strong Projective ecosystem, our 360° approach supports companies from ideation over maintenance and hosting to financing and spin-out.


Private Equity and Venture Capital fund, investing globally in smart, leading-edge technologies

SmartFin is a European-based Private Equity and Venture Capital fund managed by an experienced team of financial industry experts and investment managers. They combine financial, operational and entrepreneurial experiences with supporting company portfolios in their short and long-term growth aspirations. In addition, Smartfin Capital invests into smart tech around the globe.

Scale-Ups Europe

Scale-Ups.eu is a top-of-mind time squeezer and growth accelerator for scale-ups in Europe

Providing Scale-ups a growth platform and squeeze time through easy access to funding, knowledge, talent and support with our network of global VCs, investors and partner network to provide access to new customers, insights and partnerships to boost business growth and expansion opportunities.

epoch XX

Provides corporate innovation services focused relentlessly on impact, identifying the shortest route to real ROI. No hype. No nonsense. No dead ends

Research and Development that places meaningful outcomes, Co-creation Hubs to share a common focus on delivering new solutions and Epoch moments, Venture Build to design, test, build and scale ideas that can come from inside and outside, and Smart Money matches capital to ideas that we believe can grow exponentially.

We deliver innovation and change in the financial services industry, driving complex business transformation and sustainable change, measurable value, and cost reduction. With deep industry expertise across banking, payments, capital markets, wealth management, exchanges, and insurance we move organisations forward in regulatory maturity, digital innovation, change transformation and operational excellence. Our ::projectivers are a unique combination of seasoned industry practitioners, management consultants and delivery and technology experts. As part of an established business and technology change ecosystem, we provide financial institutions access to leading-edge innovative expertise and execution via partners including epoch XX, B-Hive, The Glue, Scale-ups Europe and Smartfin. We serve our client with office locations in major European financial centres including: Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Paris.