Our Services

The financial services industry is undergoing a revolution. Consumers want more. They want it now. Products. Services. Instant access. Data accessibility. Data control. Banks need to deliver – and do – more with what they had before, or in some instances, less. All while meeting regulatory requirements.

To meet today’s – and tomorrow’s – industry challenges, we have developed a suite of industry-relevant, leading-edge services that are designed to address the ever-changing needs of financial services clients. With our innovative ecosystem partners, our services offer a unique approach to quickly, efficiently, and effectively tackle critical industry issues. And deliver results.

For a sample of our service offerings, read on. Or, to talk to one of our many industry experts, drop us a line. We’re always open to talk and exchange ideas.

Our core propositions

industry relevant, client focused
  • Utility strategy & execution
  • Target Operating Model optimization & re-design 〈MORE〉
  • Workflow-enabled exception management
  • Business and operations alignment
  • Transaction processing automation
  • Customer-focused operations design
  • Discretionary spending control
  • Sourcing strategy & governance
  • Customer, product & channel strategy
  • PSD2 one-stop-shop 〈MORE〉
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT) strategy & prototyping
  • Corporate innovation hub
  • Blue and red ocean strategy
  • Technology incubation
  • Robotics process automation
  • Brexit assessment & transformation
  • Achieving regulatory maturity
  • Cybersecurity strategy & design
  • Driving fundamental review of trading book (FRTB) compliance
  • Transparency & reporting (SFTR, MiFID II, MiFIR)
  • General data protection regulation (GDPR) one-stop-shop
  • Program rescue & realignment
  • Post-merger integration & divestment
  • Pre-merger management
  • Technology architecture de-complexation
  • Two-speed IT target operating model
  • IT transformation
  • Utilities and outsourcing