Helping to launch your Open Bank platform as a challenger bank, driving a digitally offering, or rapidly enable new propositions. All this is done using our proven methodology, innovation expertise, and change experience.

Typical client symptoms

  • Unable to brand and appeal to next generation customers with an entirely digital banking experience centered around targeted needs, not just one-size-fits-all products

  • Being a champion in a non-bank vertical (e.g. telco, media, retailer, engineering, etc.) with a significant customer base and trusted brand but wanting to leverage financial services to decrease attrition and amplify your core businesses

  • Too slow to build and roll-out innovative new products and services due to legacy technology stack, waterfall organization model and a withholding culture

  • Dreaming of Bank as a service (BaaS) to build continuously collaborative, sustainable and yet retentive ecosystem with your corporate, SME and consumer customer base

What we do

Building your open bank (as a challenger or to amplify your non-banking core businesses) – It’s completely possible to develop, launch and operate your own, targeted banking services – as an Open Bank – from the ground up in a matter of months, not years. You don’t need the most expensive and complex technology. Nor is an army of back office staff a requirement anymore. There are still some deeply rooted misconceptions that are holding back innovation and limiting the appetite to take advantage of the unique opportunities ahead – specific to your unique business model. These opinions need to change. This is our mission.

Key programme activities


Deriving your vision is the ultimate promise to your customers. It answers the pivotal question, “Why can you offer a service better than anyone else can?”. We help you articulate a differentiated USP and an inspiring vision for your teams.


Building the Open Bank requires thorough due diligence and investment in systems, controls, and infrastructure. We have built feasibility models to identify and size markets potential and prioritize relevant operating model and capability requirements.


Start with the end in mind and build out manageable pieces. So you may decide of becoming a payment institution first, and fully licensed bank later. Independently, several feet of paperwork are required to until you arrive and every inch has to stand up to scrutiny. No worries, we are used this. We documented and tested the regulatory templates required across different jurisdictions and regulators.

Value Proposition

Value creation requires a deep understanding of changing customer behavior and market scalability. We are experts in experience design and agile development, using methods such as conjoint analysis to help accurately forecast market demand and build a proposition that makes sense for your brand, positioning and use of existing assets (customer base, locations, products/services, etc.)

Customers Journeys

Inventing for the customer is a critical differentiator for your open bank. We develop user stories and explore human-centered design techniques to develop journey maps that help understand the world through the eyes of your customers.

Risk & People

The open bank requires sound risk management, top-down corporate governance and processes to securely protect stakeholders. We have developed comprehensive risk frameworks, supported by clear models for each risk type to guide our clients through the process and decision points required.


The open bank invents for the customer an experienced technology partner who can mobilize quickly. The Glue, part of our ecosystem, builds a modular, adjustable base solution with out-of-the-box functionality and smooth IT infrastructures integration with existing core / legacy technology. No need to re-build, re-invest, or throw away.


Ultimate success depends on process design and assuring that underlying mechanisms are capable of real-time customer experience delivery. We believe in rigorous testing cycles using the adoption of various testing methodologies to reduce test cost and duration whilst ensuring retesting all possible scenarios at any given change.


The open bank will create engaging, customer-facing collateral from paid, to earned, to owned media across all relevant online and offline channels. At this stage, our dedicated specialist designers and content creators help bring the brand into full focus.


Clear focus on customer feedback mechanisms will lead to a successful launch and subsequent re-engineering and process improvements. We have proven experience in bringing new challenger banks to their target markets with lasting impact – compressing time.

Business Benefits

Ability to rapidly operationalize innovative new products, channels, and targeted use cases, by re-using legacy technology, processes, and supporting infrastructure.

Effective and efficient ‘readiness’ preparation for a bank to exploit new markets, opening up potential new revenue streams or simply expanding upon a brand or other tangible corporate assets.

Delivery of individual use cases to be quickly prototyped for back-testing with clients, and rapid but validated launch to market.

Want to Build Your Open Bank?

For more information on this offering, the underlying methodology, or to simply exchange ideas with our community of technology experts, drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk.