New ways for banks to embrace successful digital innovation without ignoring old problems. 

The dynamism of the digital customer experience is putting customer experience ‘resets’ on a daily basis. In a challenging environment with firms like Google, Amazon, PayPal, and an uprising world of legacy-free startups to attacking the status quo, banks need to achieve velocityspeed and direction – in the development of their own digital offering that fits and is specific to their own client base and needs.

Banks need to defend their revenue in key areas such as payments, loans, and investments as well as to build customer satisfaction and resist the loss of market share. Above all, in a digital world, they need to become and remain digitally relevant to a newly developing client demands. But they face a unique set of challenges that “non-traditional” brands do not typically have to deal with. These include legacy technology, multiple internal stakeholders, and complex organizational silo structures and hidden agendas and interests. Often these factors combine to delay development and deployment of new banking offers in core and adjacent spaces.

Typical client symptoms

  • Existing organization has constraints to innovate given politics and policies while culture and project culture limits room to foster innovation, experiments, and room to learn from positive failures

  • Want to transform your organization towards user-based innovation and full customer immersion through new products and services requiring an independent results delivery-oriented organization with a structured innovation model

  • Investments in innovation “labs” worked great for marketing but don’t deliver tangible “innovation” to business and clients

  • Can’t attract innovative and experienced talent to drive innovation initiatives and need to squeeze time and focus scarce budgets for innovation as competition has a head start

What we do

We provide a truly creative and innovation delivery-oriented environment for tech-induced development of new products, services and experiences to achieve at least three things:

  • Break down organizational silos, and creating a space where key stakeholders including sales, technologists, innovators, and operations can work together – and deliver tangible results by adding skillsets required to establish an independent innovation-oriented program and delivery organization

  • Fast-track innovation development, by testing new ideas and possibilities quickly and making sure that only the strongest experience concepts make it all the way to market and clients – embedded into an innovation strategy, governance framework and execution process

  • Ensure that innovation initiatives contribute to the overall relevance of the bank’s product and service proposition to its targeted clients

Key programme activities


  • Define problem statement and validate against future business strategy & aspirations, customer segment assessment, current, and future competitors, business & brand opportunity exploration
  • Ideate on use cases that correspond to aspirations, assessments and competitive needs (incl. existing & target customer personas, key functionality & interactions, user journey mapping, etc.)
  • Build propositions that apply to the selected use case, iterating to exceed customer expectations (Wow! moments) with customer testing and validation taking a “fast fail” approach


  • Conduct prioritization of customer and business objectives supported by iterative customer testing through sketching and prototyping
  • Rank ideas against business, segment, and competitive KPIs and run supporting business case development and validation activities
  • Continuous scouting and validation of tech partner portfolio and managing long-term idea parking lot

Rapid Prototyping

  • Utilize The Glue platform API and technology framework to integrate to core systems & channels using open, reusable API standards & structures accelerating customer journeys
  • Embedded teams to deliver iteratively, stay focused on business value while working within required banks unique IT, risk, and security requirements
  • Drive DevOps organized for accelerated deployments, automated testing (accessibility/ compatibility), performance engineering, etc.


  • Design testing support, implementation guide, operating model changes (functional, operational, organizational)
  • Facilitate internal and external change management (training, communication, operating model, etc.)
  • Coordinated market launch and campaign to maximize launch and marketing to deliver ROI, business case aspirations, etc.

Business Benefits

Ability to rapidly operationalize innovative digital products, and defined use cases, by reusing existing legacy platforms, front-ends and channels

Effective and efficient ‘readiness’ preparation for a bank to exploit new markets, opening up potential new revenue streams

Delivery of individual use cases to be quickly prototyped for back-testing with clients (fail fast), then rapid launch to market

Want to explore Digital Sourcing with us?

For more information on this offering, the underlying methodology, or to simply exchange ideas with our community of Digital Sourcing experts, drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk.