Our sustainable business mission

Leading change in Financial Services.

Our culture

Our culture reflects what sets us apart from other organisations. Offering the expertise and qualifications of a long-established organisation combined with the creativity and culture of a start-up we believe we bring the best of both worlds to both our people and our clients.

This is reflected in how we behave amongst ourselves in our community, our pride in our flat structure, our supportive and inclusive environment, and our commitment to having fun. We also care about how the outside world and in particular, our clients, perceive the positivity of our behaviour. This includes our attitude to diversity, equity and corporate social responsibility. Culture and communities shine a light on our shared values, ethics, beliefs and goals.

We build lasting relationships with talent and clients.

Our DEI Mission

It is our mission to ensure that the diversity within our society is recognised, reflected and respected within our workplace. Projective Group is committed to building a diverse workforce while fostering an inclusive and authentic environment. We aim to create a culture of belonging that recognises we all have different circumstances and provides equitable support to everyone who wants to achieve personal success.

Supporting the DEI plan and Projective Group’s inclusive environment is a collective responsibility. This can be achieved through the commitments we make as an organisation, the way we communicate and approach others, as well as how we celebrate our differences.

We want to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Our ESG & CSR Mission

We recognise the fundamental importance of sustainable and ethical business practices, as well as the positive social impact they have on the long-term success of Projective Group.

By aligning ESG & CSR with our strategy, we can not only contribute to a more sustainable future but also create lasting value for our stakeholders and the communities we serve. Our Sustainable Business Committee, led by our CEO, convenes regularly with a clear mandate to enhance our ESG performance continually. 

We are signatories to the UN Global Compact and have taken a committed stance to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of the targets set by the Paris Agreement.

Our Wellbeing Mission

Our people’s wellbeing is a top priority. We want to promote not only the physical aspects of wellbeing, but also the emotional, social, professional, and financial, all of which play a key role in shaping our lives.

Our mission is to help all employees build resilience, create engaged and productive teams, and have a positive impact on organisational performance.

Stephan Herbold Projective Group
“After more than six years at one of the Big 4 I needed a change. I was looking for a company that would allow me to have more impact, that would take my personal needs into consideration and that would make me feel like I am part of its story. Projective Group even goes a step further – they let me write part of their story!”
Maxim Projective Group
“We are encouraged to share our knowledge and pass on information to help other colleagues.”
Jacob Rider Projective Group
“What I appreciate most about Projective Group is the support we get to steer our career in the direction we want. An international company without the bureaucracy and political complications found in other consultancies. Working for Projective Group also means that I get to travel a lot, as much as four countries in one day!”
Projective Group Nouria Badarou
“What spoke to me the most when deciding to join Projective Group was the open, flat structure. It’s just such a healthy and empowering environment. You get to work with absolute experts who give their best everyday.”

Come find your
tribe with us.

We want to encourage, nurture, recognise and reward your talents and ambitions.

We offer the best of both worlds to our people and our clients, with the structure, expertise, and qualifications of an established organisation alongside the innovation, creativity, and culture of a start-up.