A Scandinavian adventure: Visiting the Stockholm Data Innovation Summit

July 11, 2023
Dries Boonen
Data Consultant

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, data has emerged as the backbone of organisations, driving innovation and enabling informed decision-making. Not too long ago, some lucky members of our Belgium Data practice had the opportunity to attend the Stockholm Data Innovation Summit. A conference that sheds light on the latest trends and insights shaping the data-driven future.

Let’s have a look at some of our key takeaways from our Scandinavian adventure, highlighting the exciting developments in data driven organisations, marketplaces, data platform governance, decentralisation, and the role of AI models. Join us as we explore these transformative concepts that are revolutionising the way we harness the power of data.

The Rise of Data Products

Data is no longer confined to being a mere by-product of business operations; it is now a strategic asset that can be packaged and shared as reusable “Data Products”. These Data Products have dedicated product ownership, roadmaps, budgets, and availability for internal and external consumption.

This paradigm shift enables organisations to unlock the full potential of their data assets and cultivate a data-driven culture where small, specialised teams can work towards quick results.

Data Marketplaces and Cloud Platforms

Data Marketplaces have emerged as pivotal platforms for making Data Products readily available to a wider audience. Cloud platforms like Snowflake offer opportunities for organisations to share and monetise on their Data products. This democratisation of data empowers businesses to foster collaboration, fuel innovation, and drive growth.

Navigating the Complex Data Platform Landscape

The data platform landscape has become increasingly complex, encompassing a mix of legacy and new technologies, as well as on-premise and cloud solutions. To manage data effectively across these platforms, organisations are looking into decentralised data frameworks like Data Mesh. This provides a unified approach to govern data and manage access, simplifying data consumption for business users while abstracting the underlying technology complexity.

The Power of AI in Data Discovery and Profiling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) models offer remarkable opportunities to support data discovery and profiling activities. In an era of escalating complexity, AI can help create transparency by uncovering valuable insights from vast datasets. However, it is important to recognise that AI models have limitations. Human expertise remains crucial to challenge and refine the outcomes of these models, ensuring accuracy, ethics, and accountability.

How data can help in a company’s sustainability journey

Sustainability has become a hot topic in the data landscape due to increasing concerns about the environmental and social impacts of company activities. Organisations are focusing on reducing their carbon footprint and adopting energy-efficient practices. They are also prioritising data privacy, ethical data use, and responsible AI to ensure transparency and accountability.

Integrating sustainability practices is not only a compliance requirement but also a strategic imperative for organisations aiming to create a positive societal impact while optimising the value of their data assets.


It was nice to catch up with our many partners at the Stockholm Data Innovation Summit. The summit revealed a dynamic and transformative future, where data is organised as reusable Data Products, made available through Data Marketplaces, and developed using agile frameworks.

As we navigate this data-driven landscape, it is imperative to embrace these emerging trends and seize the opportunities they present, while never underestimating the human intellect's irreplaceable role in refining and validating AI-driven insights.

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