Designing a sustainable performance-oriented organisation

May 18, 2022
Emma Engbers
Management Consultant & Product Manager

A large Dutch pension provider asked ProjectiveGroup to conduct a thorough market exploration for a new pension administration system. The assignment was explicitly to do this based on an integrated approach instead of a unilateral focus on system replacement and package selection.

Special attention was requested for stakeholder management because this is something the organisation was struggling with. The goal was to design a modern sustainable performance-oriented organisation with excellent service at low costs.


Our approach was based on our Digital Strategy Implementation Model. First, we analysed the strategy and business vision of the pension fund, with customer service at the centre. We translated this into a business blueprint (target), a redesign of operational and customer processes, and the ICT, product, and organisational structure.

By comparing with the current situation (actual), we arrive at a customer-specific Digital Roadmap along which the organisation undergoes transformation in a controlled manner.

ProjectiveGroup takes into account all possible aspects of a transformation, from long-term strategy to operational processes. We involve employees and stakeholders in their own language and pace in vision formation and business implementation.


A digital mindshift and integrated vision for the future organisation, customer service, product model, IT structure, and operational processes; A new target operation model with worked-out choices on the dimensions of customer, product, process, ICT, sourcing, and HRM. A business blueprint resulting in:

  • 30% operational cost reduction through process digitisation; with a large self-service component
  • Reduction of control and risk management efforts
  • 25% shorter time-to-market (changes, products, implementation of new customers) to 2-3 months

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