How to form high performing teams in hybrid environments

June 29, 2023
Jeff Van Calster
Transformation Consultant

How to form high performing teams in today’s hybrid environment? The key question of a recent panel talk we organised together with Exellys. We invited Jeff Van Calster (ProjectiveGroup), Sandrine Murrath (Belfius), Mohamed Ahmed Shallo (Swift) and Marc Gielis (Illumina) to join us. Let’s list some key take aways.

Find balance in hybrid working that works for you and your team

Be aware of the fact that you’re working with people and you won’t be able to put everyone in the same box. Some people enjoy being at home 5 days a week while others want to see people every single day. It’s important to take everyone into account and to look for a balance between everyone’s preferences.

A manager has to be a good facilitator

Being able to facilitate is a crucial skill to have as a manager. You must include everyone into the conversation. In every team there will be a mix between more extraverted and introverted people. Making sure this mix works, is where the manager comes in. They have to orchestrate the conversation to make sure that everyone who wants to share their thoughts, feels comfortable doing so.

Team-based performance is more important than individual performance

Never track individual performance. Team based performance is always the more important metric. When a team does well, but there is someone within the team just coasting along. That person will be automatically highlighted by the team. This will send a way more powerful message then a manager telling a certain team member their performance isn’t meeting certain expectations.

Dare to decline meetings

These days, energy management has become more important than time management. You have to put your energy into things that you think will be the most beneficial for the company. If you get invited to a meeting to which you don’t think you will add value to, decline it. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people but something you might want to start doing to guard your own valuable time. Your work-life balance will thank you for it.

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