Podcast: Outcome management and OKRs in banking

March 1, 2023
John Parker
Transformation Practice Lead

Surviving in the Financial industry requires adaptation, and with a staggering 70% project failure rate, it's clear that success lies in swift customer-centric transformation rather than relying solely on reputation.

In this podcast, our transformation experts John Parker and Dirk Feldrappe and Workpath’s CEO Johannes Mueller, explored the challenges faced by financial institutions, from evolving regulations to emerging technologies, and the pressing need for transformation. They emphasise the importance of prioritising the customer and truly understanding their desires as a key strategic shift.

But how can Financial Institutions make these changes last? Our experts delve deeper into transformation methods and the crucial step of ensuring everyone comprehends the purpose and goals behind it. By doing so, you can shift the project success rate from 70% failure to an impressive 70% success.

If you don't take enough time to educate your leadership and employees before implementing the OKR framework, you're not going to succeed, and you will fall back into the statistic of the 70% of projects that fail.

They also dive into the world of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and their power in enhancing customer focus. Discover how OKRs can be successfully implemented in new product and service development within the banking industry, and how finance leaders can leverage them for ultimate success.

What a lot of people will recognise is that many projects are successful in the first 3months. However, it still takes a whole year to embed something and create a legacy. That is why we focus so much on making change stick.

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