The first generation of NXTGen consultants

March 21, 2023
Sam De Meyer
L&D Programme Manager

Sjoerd, Jolien, Mikhail, Jeike, Gertjan, Hiba, Louise, Koen, Michelle, Sjors, Ben Prem, Chris, Ben & Adam. Those are the 15 graduates that convinced us they got what it takes to join the very first wave of our NXTGen traineeship in The Netherlands, Belgium & the UK.

The NXTGen traineeship aims to develop a cohesive group of independent, skilled and result-oriented consultants, embodying the ProjectiveGroup culture. We sat down with them on their very first day at ProjectiveGroup to talk about their expectations for the coming weeks. Have a look at the result right here:

What is the NXTGen traineeship and who is ProjectiveGroup?

At ProjectiveGroup, we offer consultancy in 5 different practices within the financial services industry.

  • Data
  • Payments
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Transformation
  • Pensions & Insurance

The goal of the NXTGen Traineeship is to train, coach and mentor young graduates, so they can start a successful career as a consultant in one of the forementioned practices. For this first wave of 2023, we were looking for young graduate consultants in Payments and Transformation specifically.

“I wanted to start my career in the environment where I could learn the most.” – Hiba Awada, NXTGen Consultant

The traineeship provides a constructive and trusted setting where young talent is offered the right tools and training to kickstart their career. Want to join the next wave? We're launching our next edition of the NXTGen traineeship as of October 2023. Discover the full programme here!

About ProjectiveGroup

Change is more than an option; it has become a necessity. The key to a successful digital transformation is the ability to translate technology to the human measure & connection.

ProjectiveGroup covers all aspects of transformation in the financial services sector.  By combining the capabilities of expert companies, we have become an international end-to-end partner for those who want to excel in an ever-changing environment.

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