Helping to review the completeness of your scope as well as the effectiveness of your regulatory implementation. All this is done using our proven methodology, deep expertise, and change experience.

Typical client symptoms

  • Rushed into the regulatory implementation to meet the deadline, unsure whether corners were cut along the way

  • Experienced challenges during the interpretation of the regulations, would like a second opinion to confirm correctness and sustainability

  • Would like its setup compared to other industry participants to determine the quality of design decisions relative to peers and understand the why

  • Seeks detailed analysis of specific regulatory topics to avoid non-compliance or business model risks (i.e misselling risk)

What we do

Reviewing your regulatory implementation effort – We will design a quality review approach together with you, focusing both on the regulatory topics to be included in the review as well as the characteristics of the review itself. We will review project documentation to isolate the key decisions taken during the project. Where needed, interviews with key personnel will be conducted to unearth the relevant details. A report with concrete, hands-on suggestions for improvement will be written, presented and validated.

Key programme activities

Scoping – Perform client intake, determine scope and problem statement for the regulatory quality review; ensuring an effective execution of the research and analyses phases.

Research – Review relevant project and business requirements documentation; including: scope assessment, impact/gap assessments, implementation plan(s) and project deliverables.

Analysis – Execute the analysis phase based on the business requirements gathered in the research phase.

Synthesize & Report – Wrap up of the preceding phases into the final report (incl. recommendations) to facilitate the discussion on the way forward.

Together with the client, we will design a risk-based approach to ensure the right combination of effort and confidence level. The illustration is an example, we prefer to set the approach up in such a way that it fits your organization perfectly

Business Benefits

A second pair of eyes and trustworthy hands to determine the validity of your scoping and the completeness of your regulatory implementation

An outside opinion on the interpretation of your regulatory requirements to determine whether the new organizational set up aligns with the spirit of the law

A clearly defined set of (potential) improvements to further sharpen the quality of your implementation

The quality review ensures that the focus remains on correctly executing new or updated business processes

Want to the completeness of your scoping and/or the effectiveness of your regulatory implementation quality reviewed?

For more information on this offering, the underlying methodology, or to simply exchange ideas with our regulatory experts, drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk.


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