We make things happen.

Leading change in financial services

Who we are

Established in 2006, Projective Group is a leading financial services change specialist. With experienced practices in data, payments, risk & compliance, transformation and talent.

We are recognised within the industry as a complete solutions provider, partnering with clients in the financial services sector to provide holistic end-to-end solutions. We have evolved to become a trusted partner for companies that want to thrive and prosper in an ever-changing financial services landscape.

Our values

We are a consultancy with a conscience. We aim to make the Financial Services industry healthier and more efficient, ensuring that our clients experience real and lasting change.

It may be the first time you have come across the obstacle in your path, but we will have seen and overcome it before. Reach out and talk to us, so that together we may find the solution.

Our sustainable business mission

Since our inception in 2006, Projective Group has placed our people at the heart of everything we do and the foundation upon which we build our future. We have a long history of pro bono projects, volunteer programmes, charitable contributions, and responsible business practices. This includes our environmental sustainability efforts, which focus on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and responsible practices. 


Belgium, 2006. Projective was established by Stefan Dierckx to manage and deliver complex projects within the financial services sector. Doing things differently, he created small teams of specialists with a sole focus on implementation and successful delivery to help clients achieve lasting change. Following over a decade of organic growth and acquisitions, in 2020 Projective became Projective Group. Today, our 1000+ talent base offers our clients a wealth of knowledge and experience. Energy and resource-efficient, our practices give us our combined strength. Our mantra is that one plus one must equal three. We solve real-world problems in a hands-on practical manner. We aim to make the financial services industry healthier and more efficient and to ensure that our clients experience real and lasting change.