Leading change in Financial Services.

The beginning

2006, Belgium

Projective was established by Stefan Dierckx to manage and deliver complex projects within the financial services sector. Doing things differently, he created small teams of specialists with a sole focus on implementation and successful delivery to help clients achieve lasting change.

The team quickly established the Projective reputation and powered growth. In 2020 following the acquisition of the talent incubator Exellys, Projective became Projective Group.

We were born to be internationally ambitious.

1 + 1 = 3

Our ‘Buy & Build’ programme is governed by the mantra that one and one must equal three.

When approaching businesses, we want to ensure they will either strengthen or add new capabilities to Projective Group. We want to set up new centres in other key financial services cities, and we look for a healthy adjacency in new clients so that the reach of Projective Group can be extended in both directions.

Projective Group today

Fast forward to today and our huge talent base offers clients a wealth of knowledge and experience. Energy and resource-efficient, our individual brands power our group’s success.

We aim to make the financial services industry healthier and more efficient and to ensure that our clients experience real and lasting change. We know that where we lead, others will follow.