Our values

Leading change in Financial Services.

Our purpose

We empower Financial Services to drive future wellbeing, prosperity and innovation.

We marry happy people and cool projects.

Our values


We aim to remain a flat company where people feel empowered to take initiative, develop our business, whatever role they’re in. We are all working towards the same objectives, and we need everybody’s proactive and challenging behaviour in order to stay relevant. Our employees are encouraged to take ownership and accountability of the company’s progress and, more importantly to speak up.


We are a consultancy firm with a can-do mentality, striving for fit-for-purpose solutions. Also internally, in a context of fast-paced growth, we are seeking to try and keep things comprehensive in the way we communicate and organize our work. What we want is simplicity and relevance through focusing on progress and value.


We want to create an environment where people feel engaged, safe enough to learn and give the best of themselves. We don’t believe in titles. Being over-busy and over-communicating is not the way forward. Offering our time, sharing our expertise, working together and bringing value add is the way towards impact and recognition. We believe that genuinely wanting the best for our colleagues instead of solely pursuing own ambitions will bring us growth and fulfillment.

Come find your
tribe with us.

We want to encourage, nurture, recognise and reward your talents and ambitions.

We offer the best of both worlds to our people and our clients, with the structure, expertise, and qualifications of an established organisation alongside the innovation, creativity, and culture of a start-up.