Our values

Leading change in Financial Services.

Our purpose

We empower Financial Services to drive future wellbeing, prosperity and innovation.

Together we are stronger; this we know. At Projective Group we have decades of experience partnering with key players in financial services to bring about lasting change. Today, we continue to explore innovation and impact within the industry as it further evolves. Financial services have always played a pivotal role in creating the prosperity, wellbeing, and innovation we see today. As we face new global challenges, they remain essential and need the right support to adapt, grow and stay relevant. This is our sector, and we are here to lead the way.

We marry happy people and cool projects.

Our values


At Projective Group, we believe in the power we have both as individuals and as a group. We follow a ‘flat’ company structure without hierarchy that allows everyone, regardless of their role, to feel empowered to act upon an initiative. This in turn helps us to encourage our clients to make strong decisions and challenge the status quo. We want everyone to be brave and be heard.


Yes, we can. We pride ourselves on focusing not on the problems, but on how we can solve them. We tackle the complex and make it simple, finding effective solutions that deliver immediate impact. We encourage our people and our clients to strive for progress, value, and simplicity in everything they do. Be efficient, think about outcomes, and stay focused on the future.


In a rapidly changing world, selflessness creates stability. We encourage a working environment where people feel connected, supported, and recognised for their true value so that they can achieve the best they can. We share our knowledge generously and nurture our relationships carefully. When we care for others and for ourselves, we will push forwards, grow, and flourish in harmony.

Come find your
tribe with us.

We want to encourage, nurture, recognise and reward your talents and ambitions.

We offer the best of both worlds to our people and our clients, with the structure, expertise, and qualifications of an established organisation alongside the innovation, creativity, and culture of a start-up.