Translating consultant experience into learning solutions 

Clients come to Projective Group to lead change within financial services. Implementing such change is only the first step, adoption is where the real value is. Since understanding is a crucial condition for acceptance, training facilitates that adoption. Allowing you and your organisation to thrive.

Our commitment as a learning partner for our clients goes beyond mere training delivery; we focus on skills improvement and practical application in your day-to-day job. 

When it comes to the career development of our own consultants, we invest substantially more in training than our competitors. This allows our consultants to act as senior experts in their domain, recognised and appreciated by our clients. Our academy helps them turning that experience into state-of-the-art learning solutions both for their colleagues and for you as a customer. 

Trusted by leaders across industries.

Practice what you

What sets us apart: 

We understand your challenges.

We know the financial industry. We know what drives it and what regulates it. Therefore, we know what organisations in the financial industry need in terms of training and development of their employees. 

We know your context.

Our trainers are not just trainers. They are consultants with experience from multiple customers in the financial industry. They understand the context that training attendees are working in. Exercises during a training are therefore oriented at bringing the attendees the job-specific skills they need to further grow their career inside the organisation. 

We make it stick.

We don’t just teach the theory straight from the book. The layer that makes a Projective Group Academy training truly unique is the trainer’s experience as a consultant in how they apply this theory in practice. Our aim is that attendees actively apply their learnings right from the next day. 

Unique challenges,
specific solutions

Every training challenge requires different delivery solutions. Discover our courses, partner learning programmes, and certification tracks in (virtual) classroom and e-learning formats. Looking for a training modified to your specific needs, or do you want to organise an in-company training? Make sure to get in touch with us. 

We strive for a unique offering that combines subject matter expertise with advanced Learning & Development capabilities, ensuring that our trainers stand out in delivering impactful learning solutions for your organisation.

“I can’t thank Projective Group enough for their role in shaping my leadership journey. Their customised training programme equipped me with the tools and mindset needed to thrive.”
“Projective Group’s hands-on training empowered our staff to harness the full potential of Collibra and Informatica for effective data management. Their tailored approach ensured our team could independently navigate and utilise these tools with confidence.” 
“Projective Group’s collaboration in designing and implementing our own Data Academy has been instrumental in fostering a data-driven culture. Their customised education programmes catered to our specific needs and culture, resulting in over 220 individuals trained and equipped with valuable data skills.” 
“Projective Group played a pivotal role in our Agile Transformation journey by delivering customised trainings for our designated Scrum Masters and Product Owners. Their tailored approach ensured our teams were well-prepared for their roles, setting a strong foundation for success.”