Uniting ambitious companies and unmatched expertise

Unique challenges, tailored solutions

At Projective Group, our unique positioning allows us to pride ourselves on the adaptability and dynamism of our people.

Whether it’s the expertise of seasoned consultants, the fresh perspectives of emerging professionals ready for long-term engagement with our clients, or a specialised team ready to seamlessly integrate and handle specific tasks or entire departments, we meticulously tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of your challenge.

Our commitment is to ensure that the right blend of talent drives results, fosters growth, and guarantees the jobs gets done for those who decide to work with us.

We are unique, we are successful, and we have talent

The answer when you need experienced experts to tackle a specific problem. With a proven track record of success, our seasoned professionals bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise to address your most pressing challenges, from strategy to implementation and everything in between.
If you’re looking to invest in the future or struggle with the retention of younger employees, our proprietary traineeships offer a dynamic solution. We bring in emerging, high-potential talent and provide them with intensive training and coaching. The goal is to nurture these individuals into your future employees, ensuring a seamless transition into your organisation.
When your business requires talent at scale for specific tasks, Projective Group can help. Specialising in both Managed Services and Staff Augmentation, we deliver skilled professionals for your short-term or project-based needs. Count on us to provide the right talent with the right skills to augment your team in any layer of your organisation and drive your initiatives forward.

Discover the Projective Group companies focused on bringing talent at scale:


Talent integrators focused on training and coaching graduates and young professionals


Finance Club

Staffing solutions in Compliance, Finance, PMO, Data, Risk & Audit


GDFM Consulting

Managed services across Business Strategy, Risk Advisory and Regulatory Compliance