Exellys becomes
Projective Group

Exellys becomes Projective Group

Dec 2019

Projective Group acquires the majority of the shares of the technology talent incubator Exellys in Mechelen. As experts in talent development, Exellys created their very own training and coaching programmes that turn young potentials into top professionals

After concluding their two-year programme, the consultant gets the opportunity to become a full-time employee of their client.

Nurturing emerging talent towards excellence

“After six years I can look back more than satisfied as an entrepreneur. During that period, Exellys has grown into a successful and solid SME.”

Raf Seymus
Founder & CEO of Exellys

“Projective is an important player in the financial industry, which means that Exellys will be able to grow in this sector.”

Stefan Dierckx
Founder & CEO of ProjectiveGroup

How Exellys fits in the Projective Group

In the early years, the success Projective enjoyed could be directly attributed to the seniority of our consultants, with most offering between ten and twenty-five years of experience, but we became aware of missed opportunities, and situations when we would have benefitted from also having a mix of junior talent. Exellys, with a proven track record of attracting and developing talent, helps us to achieve this.

Our acquisition of the tech talent incubator Exellys in 2019 doubles our headcount to 300 and marks the point at which we become ProjectiveGroup.

Our services

You could already count on Exellys for your for your emerging
talent needs, now we can do a whole lot more.

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