Finance club
Projective Group

Sep 2023

Projective Group acquired Finance Club, a respected Dutch Staffing & Talent organisation who deliver optimal solutions within the domains of Compliance (KYC & AML), Finance, Risk & Audit, PMO, and Data & Analytics.

By blending Finance Club’s strengths in Staffing & Talent with Projective Group’s Talent and in-depth consulting expertise, they will be able to take on more responsibility, serve their clients even more effectively and generate durable outcomes as a complete solutions provider.

Solving business challenges and complex staffing needs through deep expertise and optimal solutions

“We were ready for the next step in our journey, searching for an exciting new challenge that would propel us forward not only within Dutch borders but also on an international scale.”

Michiel van Brussel

“The addition of Finance Club to our group signifies a strategic move towards our mission of becoming the premier partner for financial institutions across Europe.”

Stefan Dierckx
CEO ProjectiveGroup

How Finance Club fits in the Projective Group

This strategic acquisition catapulted our team to an impressive count of over 1100 financial industry experts across Europe, affirming its unparalleled stronghold in the region’s financial services sector. Finance Club’s services seamlessly complement Projective Group’s existing Talent offerings

Our services

You could already count on Finance Club for your staffing
needs, now we can do a whole lot more.

Harnessing data to deliver smart solutions


From strategy to implementation


Staying in control with confidence


Managing the regulatory change lifecycle


Uniting ambitious companies
and unmatched expertise


Delivering innovation and change