Mastermind Consulting
Projective Group

Oct 2021

Mastermind added a powerful piece to the Projective Group puzzle. Mastermind is specialised in the pensions market and had been a household name in the financial sector in the Netherlands for over ten years.

Their experienced team of over 30 consultants helped professionals and businesses to accelerate by translating vision and strategy into concrete innovations, sustainable solutions and supported changes.

Translating vision and strategy into concrete innovations and sustainable solutions

“I’m very excited that we’re joining Projective Group. Of course, our passion for successful delivery and our results-driven mindset remain, but this collaboration will give us a head start to become one of the leading consultancy firms in Europe.”

Koos Haakma

“Mastermind, our business accelerators, helped to expand our portfolio of services. Furthermore, the collaboration enabled us to increase our capacity to support large-scale transformation in the Dutch pensions market.”

Stefan Dierckx
CEO ProjectiveGroup

How Mastermind Consulting fits in the Projective Group

Mastermind’s team of 30 consultants brought complimentary experience and an excellent track record in organisational acceleration, strategy, advice, and digital transformation in pensions, insurance and banking in The Netherlands.

Our services

You could already count on Mastermind for your management consultancy needs,
now we can do a whole lot more.

Harnessing data to deliver smart solutions


From strategy to implementation


Staying in control with confidence


Managing the regulatory change lifecycle


Uniting ambitious companies
and unmatched expertise


Delivering innovation and change