Collaborative Efforts: Projective Group and Dutch Universities join forces

Date:May 8, 2023

Within our Pensions & Insurance (P&I) at Projective Group, we are committed to driving innovation and staying at the forefront of the Dutch pensions and insurance market. That’s why we have established a collaboration with several Dutch universities to conduct research on relevant topics for P&I. These partnerships have given us access to top talent, exposure to new ideas and perspectives, and the latest research findings. All of which have helped us to develop solutions and enhance competitiveness in the market.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with master students from the Tilburg University – Strategic Management as part of their Consultancy track. The teams of students were assigned with a research question which they explored under the supervision of consultants from our P&I practice. The teams were tasked to conduct market research, a trends analysis and apply the empirical research findings to develop their final advise in the form of a presentation to the company. Collaborating with these talented students, who approached the issues from an academic perspective, proved to be a highly enjoyable and informative experience.

Over the years, our Pensions & Insurance practice has had the pleasure of collaborating with multiple other academic institutes, such as VU University Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University. Within this context, we mentor student groups and give guest lectures on a regular basis. Something we look forward to continuing in the future.

What’s in it for us?

The collaborations with students are enriching experiences for us. Regarding these collaborations the following aspects stand out the most to us:

  • Opportunity to work with top talents: Collaborating with universities provides access to top talents in various fields. Universities attract some of the best minds in their respective fields, who are often eager to work on real-world problems and develop practical solutions.
  • Access to research and development capabilities: Universities have a wealth of knowledge and expertise which can be used to drive research and development initiatives. Collaborating with universities provides access to the latest research findings, which can be used to develop new solutions and enhance existing ones.
  • Exposure to new ideas and perspectives: Collaborating with universities exposes us to new ideas and perspectives. By working with academics and researchers, we gain insights into the latest trends and developments in various fields.

What’s in it for them?

  • Real-world experience: Collaborating with Projective Group gives students hands-on experience working on real-world problems and projects.
  • Exposure to different industries: We work with a variety of clients. Collaborating with us exposes students to different industries and helps them gain a better understanding of how businesses operate in different contexts.
  • Networking opportunities: Collaborating with us provides students with networking opportunities. They meet and interact with professionals, which can lead to potential job opportunities or valuable connections.
  • Skill development: Collaborating with us helps students develop a range of skills, including problem-solving, communication, and project management. These skills can be valuable in their future careers.

Our Pensions & Insurance practice benefits greatly from partnerships with Dutch universities. These partnerships provide access to top talent, research capabilities and, above all, new perspectives. On the other hand, students experience a practical case, networking opportunities and skills development. We’re looking forward to continuing this cooperation in the future and further contribute to the development of students and the Dutch pension and insurance market.

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