Opening up on Mental Health and Employee Wellbeing

Date:February 26, 2024

At Projective Group, we’re committed to the mental health and overall wellbeing of our employees. That’s why we’re now offering OpenUp services to our UK-based staff. This way, our employees can get the support they need in a light and easily accessible way, to boost their emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

We’re dedicated to fostering a healthy and supportive work environment. With the help of OpenUp services, we can make our employees more resilient in an accessible way. Thanks to our partnership, UK-based employees have certified psychologists and lifestyle coaches at their fingertips. They can access one-on-one support, group sessions, masterclasses, mindfulness sessions and self-guided courses, all to help them navigate daily challenges. After all, employee wellbeing goes beyond the workplace and requires a holistic approach. This colleague has found the services very valuable: “The mindfulness session was very helpful and taught me new techniques. The psychologist helped me find tools that really work for me.”

A family affair

We understand and recognise that personal and family wellbeing go hand in hand with employee wellbeing. That’s why Projective Group extends the OpenUp services to immediate family members as well. This way, we create a wellbeing ecosystem that extends beyond the individual to positively impact our employees’ support networks as well. And that’s important – especially in the UK, which has the worst mental health in Europe according to the AXA Health Mind Study. “This is an incredibly valuable service, as mental health support is not as readily available via any other means,” says a happy employee.

This is an incredibly valuable service, as mental health support is not as readily available via any other means

A comprehensive programme

By adding OpenUp services to our offering, we’re taking a significant step towards creating a comprehensive wellbeing programme for our UK-based employees. Whether they need an individual chat about dealing with stress, or they’d like to attend a group session on better sleep, or they’re struggling to maintain a healthy diet – through OpenUp, they have all these resources readily available. Prioritising our employees’ mental health and overall wellbeing reduces absenteeism and turnover rates, and improves motivation, job satisfaction and work performance.


Building a positive culture and nurturing mental health and wellbeing is crucial to empowering the workforce. The diverse range of OpenUp services caters to the varying needs of our employees and their families. This way, we empower our people to choose the support that aligns with their personal journey towards better mental health.

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