Projective acquires majority stake in Exellys

January 23, 2020
Louise Hadcocks
Brand & Communication Lead

Projective acquires the majority of the shares of the technology talent incubator Exellys in Mechelen. Raf Seymus, current CEO and founder of Exellys, joins the board of Projective and becomes managing partner of Stellar Labs. Together, the group has more than 300 consultants and a turnover of more than 45 million euros.

Raf Seymus will leave his position as CEO of Exellys and will be replaced ad interim by Stefan Dierckx. This is the only management change. Exellys remains an independent company and the day-to-day operations are not directly integrated into Projective.

Raf Seymus, founder Exellys:

"After six years I can look back more than satisfied as an entrepreneur. During that period, Exellys has grown into a successful and solid SME. We have assembled a very strong team that guarantees continuity and quality of service, as well as further growth. And it is clear that Exellys excels in spectacular growth. In the first 4 financial years it was more than 45% and last year more than 35%. Moreover, the strong Exellys team has won several awards in recent years. I would like to thank all employees, consultants and customers of Exellys for that strong performance, but especially for the fantastic cooperation. As a board member at Projective, I will contribute on a strategic level to the further growth and strengthening of both Projective and Exellys. In addition, I will focus on Stellar Labs and as managing partner I will be strongly involved in the strategy and growth of this promising venture".

Exellys under Projective’s wings

Projective was founded in 2006 with the ambition "to drive and implement change in the financial industry". The company has grown into an international company with more than 150 senior employees. Projective has recently been confronted with a growing demand to integrate more top young talents into its clients' teams, both in Belgium and the rest of Europe. It is precisely because that is Exellys' expertise that the two companies found each other quickly.

Stefan Dierckx, founder & CEO ProjectiveGroup

"Projective is an important player in the financial industry, which means that Exellys will be able to grow in this sector. Just like we want to continue our growth in all the other sectors in which we are active today. Today we are part of a larger group and therefore of a larger network. Projective, Exellys and Stellar Labs form a very strong ecosystem from which all our current and future customers can benefit. I would like to thank Raf for the fantastic six years and look forward to continue the growth challenges".

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