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Projective Group grows further with acquisition of Dutch Charco & Dique

Date:October 27, 2022

Projective Group, the international financial services consultancy, announces the acquisition of legal, risk and compliance specialists Charco & Dique. This acquisition expands its team to around 700 employees across Europe.

The affiliation of Charco & Dique to Projective Group is the latest in a series of international acquisitions over the past two years. Charco & Dique has built a strong position in the Dutch financial sector as an expert in financial laws and regulations. With this acquisition, Projective Group expands its footprint in the financial market, especially in the field of (IT) Compliance and Risk Management.

Stefan Dierckx, Founder and CEO Projective Group

“Our ambition to become the one-stop-shop financial services provider in Europe is increasingly becoming a reality. Charco & Dique, besides having a very similar DNA and mindset, has in- depth knowledge and a lot of experience in the field of legal, risk & compliance. They also developed the Ministry of Compliance training offer and the Ruler application, which is very interesting for our current (international) clients. Charco & Dique joining the group strengthens our market position and enables us to serve our clients even better. We are very pleased that they are part of Projective Group from now on.”

Alex Poel and Ronald van Dijk, Co-Founders and Managing Directors of Charco & Dique

”In the past 12.5 years, we have grown from 3 to 50 consultants. We have more and more international clients and work on ever broader, more complex projects. To respond to this, we looked for a party that fits our culture, has an international network, and can complement us in areas such as data analysis and project management. This collaboration also gives us additional innovative power to further expand and internationalise our Ruler and The Ministry of Compliance initiatives. In turn, Projective Group can benefit from our expertise in compliance and risk management.”

Projective Group’s latest move also marks further progress in realising its ambitions for European expansion. Today, the group has offices in six European capitals, among others.

Together with previous acquisitions in the areas of payments, data, (digital) transformations and the training, mentoring and placement of emerging tech talent, Projective Group continues to expand its service portfolio to offer its clients everything under one roof.

“In 2023, our main focus will be on further improving and expanding the Projective Group offering across borders. For this, we will mainly implement internal improvements to ensure efficiency in all areas, in order to generate more value for both our employees and customers. Of course, this does not exclude that we are open to possible new acquisition opportunities.” said Dierckx.

About Projective Group

Established in 2006, Projective Group is a leading Financial Services change specialist. With deep expertise across practices in Data, Payments, Transformation and Risk & Compliance.

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