Projective Group UK Takes Center Stage at Houses of Parliament on the Future of Payments

Date:February 26, 2024

Projective Group has been honored with an exclusive invitation to participate in a discussion hosted by the Houses of Parliament, organised by the payments association. The focus of this dialogue revolved around the future landscape of payments in the United Kingdom.

This exclusive invitation positioned Projective Group alongside other industry leaders, showcasing the organisation’s expertise in addressing critical aspects such as existing infrastructures, emerging technologies, and regulatory frameworks. The event serves as a compelling testament to the company’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of industry developments and actively contributing to the shaping of the future of payments.

During the discussion, Projective Group actively engaged with other industry leaders, fostering dialogue on a wide range of topics crucial to the payments sector. These included in-depth conversations about current payment infrastructures, the impact of emerging technologies, and the evolving regulatory landscape.

About Projective Group

Established in 2006, Projective Group is a leading Financial Services change specialist.

We are recognised within the industry as a complete solutions provider, partnering with clients in Financial Services to provide resolutions that are both holistic and pragmatic.  We have evolved to become a trusted partner for companies that want to thrive and prosper in an ever-changing Financial Services landscape.