Unlocking Database Efficiency: SQL improvement with Snowflake

Date:March 26, 2024

Today we’re diving into the world of database input and output (I/O). If you’ve ever pondered the impact of I/O on the performance and cost of your database, then this is for you.

In this short video, our Senior Data Engineer and Architect, Malcolm Green, shares insights into how the implementation of business rules directly influences the amount of I/O required to support database operations. Malcolm shares practical strategies for reducing I/O that not only enhance database performance but also drive down operational costs significantly.

This video is the first in our series branded ‘Not All SQL is Equal’ (#notallsqlisequal) published by our Data Engineering team. The videos are based upon scenarios they regularly encounter in their day-to-day roles to equip you with tips, tricks, and skills to get the most out of the technology architecture in your business.

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