niels huijpen

Niels Huijpen

Risk & Compliance Consultant


My strength lies in ‘translating’ subject matter in an understandable way for internal and/or external stakeholders.

These include managers, board members, compliance and risk officers, legal staff, IT staff and, of course, third parties such as auditors and regulators. My approach is characterised by being able to quickly assess the current state of affairs and the (legally) desired situation. Because of my background in audit, risk, supervision, but also as a manager, I am able to provide pragmatic advice, feasible improvement plans and practical hands-on support during implementation. I have extensive experience in implementing and monitoring various legal, compliance and risk frameworks and (international) standards at all kinds of financial institutions. I am a business administration graduate and IT Audit professional. As a result, I have experience in internal controls, business integrity, information security and outsourcing.