nienke moek

Nienke Moek

Risk & Compliance Consultant

The combination of my experience in risk and compliance and IT process and project management means that I am able to assess the impact of laws and regulations on practice.

In doing so, I not only comply with the rules, but also like to think about what is feasible in practice within an organisation. I like innovative solutions and new technologies, and I look at how they work best for the customer and the end user. I also believe that regulations shouldn’t be unnecessarily complicated; I think it’s important that everyone in an organisation is clear about which rules apply and why. I have experience both in a bank and in an investment institution. I’m also certified in privacy protection. I can distinguish between the main and secondary issues, I’m goal-oriented and I like to get down to work with enthusiasm!

Relevant experience

  • Carrying out various internal monitoring activities
  • Legislative impact analyses, e.g. for IFR/IFD
  • Preparation and final roll-out of investment app abroad (Germany, Spain, France)
  • Set-up of all processes (business and client processes) for license application of an Investment Company
  • Setting up customer processes and building them into the mobile app for opening and managing an investment account (execution only)