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25 million steps for charity: The Projective Group Walking Challenge

Date:June 16, 2024

As Projective Group colleagues travelled to our annual offsite in Malta, our first Global Walking Challenge was also taking off! While our Culture and Community Pillars have thrived in each country we operate in, there have been few opportunities for global collaboration. This challenge, organised by our Sports & Fitness and CSR pillars, aimed to break geographic barriers with friendly competition and provide a chance to give back to the communities we serve.

The goal

The competition was simple – see which country could walk the most steps per colleague. Using an app and wearables, colleagues could sign up to the challenge and track their steps. As some of the countries in which we operate have more colleagues than others, we had to even the playing field, so the total number of steps walked per country was then divided by the number of colleagues in that country.

Each country contributed an equal donation to a pot and donated to that country’s chosen charity.

So what was in it for the winners? A donation to the winning countries charity of choice! Each country contributed an equal donation to a pot, which was then divided amongst the countries (tiered based on their finish) and donated to that country’s chosen charity. The charities that were supported were:

  • Belgium – De Vijver: De Vijver supports people with disabilities, their families and their network.
  • Germany and France – Flugelbruch E.V.: Non-profit association for the benefit of (former) cancer patients and their closest relatives from the Rhine-Main area.
  • Netherlands – De Zonnebloem: Nationale Vereniging de Zonnebloem enriches the lives of people with physical disabilities and that of its volunteers by facilitating social and recreational activities.
  • United Kingdom – Centrepoint: Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.

The results

After weeks of dedicated stepping, our German and French colleagues (who teamed up for this competition), knocked it out of the park with an incredible 79.544 total steps per colleague.

Our UK office put up a valiant effort, securing a strong second place (58.701 total steps/colleague), while Belgium and the Netherlands engaged in an exhilarating race for the third and fourth spots, with less than 40 total steps per person between them!

In the two weeks, we collectively logged an astonishing total of over 25 million steps! 

In the two weeks, we collectively logged an astonishing total of over 25 million steps!  This monumental accomplishment speaks volumes about our commitment to health and wellness, and we couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of our colleagues who participated. We hope that the support provided to our selected charities can help to make a difference in our communities.

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