Charco & Dique
Projective Group

Oct 2022

Charco & Dique had built a strong position in the Dutch financial sector as an expert in financial laws and regulations.

As a boutique consultancy specialising in international financial law and regulation, they offered pragmatic advice on compliance, legal and risk management, helping financial companies stay compliant and maintain their reputation.

Helping financial companies stay compliant and maintain their reputation.

“We looked for a party that fits our culture, has an international network, and can complement us in areas such as data analysis and project management. This collaboration also gives us additional innovative power to further expand and internationalise.”

Alex Poel and Ronald van Dijk

“Charco & Dique joining the group strengthens our market position and enables us to
serve our clients even better. We are very pleased that they are part of Projective Group from now on.”

Stefan Dierckx
CEO ProjectiveGroup

How Charco & Dique fits in the Projective Group

Charco & Dique, besides having a very similar DNA and mindset to Projective Group, demonstrated in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of legal, risk & compliance. They also developed the Ministry of Compliance training offer and the Ruler application, which was (and still is) very interesting for our clients.

Our services

You could already count on Charco & Dique for your risk
and compliance needs, now we can do a whole lot more.

Harnessing data to deliver smart solutions


From strategy to implementation


Staying in control with confidence


Managing the regulatory change lifecycle


Uniting ambitious companies
and unmatched expertise


Delivering innovation and change