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AIFMD: mind the gap

The AIFM Directive (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) is a European directive that has introduced harmonised rules that alternative investment fund managers must comply with. Under the AIFM Directive, a manager needs an AIFMD licence to manage an alternative investment fund. The AIFMD applies to all managers of investment institutions that do not qualify as UCITS, unless one of the applicable exemptions applies. Among others, it applies to private equity, hedge, infrastructure, real estate, equity, and bond funds. Managers covered by this AIFM directive must be AIFMD-compliant since 22 July 2013. 

The AIFM directive has been implemented in the Financial Supervision Act (Wft). The AIFMD aims to increase transparency towards investors and regulators, and strengthen financial stability. 

Date:October 4, 2022

AIFMD licence application

Our compliance specialists have an unrivalled understanding of all the requirements imposed on fund managers from the AIFM directive, as well as from other regulations. For instance, we can help you perform a gap analysis, identifying the differences between your current organisation and the requirements for an AIFM licence. With our combined knowledge, experience and network, we can guide you through every requirement from the AIFMD. We also have good contacts with the regulator, which means we know how the AFM explains and applies the AIFMD. 

Overview (current and new AIFMD legislation) 

Do you already have an AIFMD licence? Then we would be happy to help you maintain an overview of the requirements applicable to you. We do this through our compliance tool Ruler. Ruler provides insight into all regulations that apply to your organisation in a clear manner. 

In addition, Ruler offers insight into the regulations that will come into force in the (near) future, and helps you record your compliance process.

Compliance with the AIFM directive 

  • through a gap analysis, we provide insight into the extend in which you comply with the AIFM directive; 
  • Together, we can create a recovery plan to become fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible; 
  • we can advise you on how to set up your organisation in line with the requirements and standards set by the AFM. 
  • we can train you and your staff to increase knowledge of AIFMD (and other regulations). For example, follow our AIFMD Awareness e-learning, in which we cover both the licensing requirements and the ongoing requirements under AIFMD. 

Compliance function

Finally, we are happy to help you set up an adequate compliance function. This can be done by providing support to your current compliance officer, or by taking on the role of external compliance officer. 

And, in the unlikely event that things do not go well, we can support you in any communication with the AFM. 

Why Projective Group?

Our compliance specialists work with AIFMD on a daily basis and know how fund managers should apply the resulting requirements. With our Ruler tool, we have a complete insight and overview of the complex regulatory system that applies to fund managers. We also have extensive experience with improvement processes and, thanks to our good contacts with the AFM, we know how the regulator looks at AIFMD issues.