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How Nouria stopped climbing the corporate ladder to look beyond function titles

Date:May 16, 2023

When Nouria Badarou, a top-performing associate manager at one of the major consulting firms, decided to take the next step in her career, we were thrilled to welcome her. But we can’t help but wonder: why did Nouria decide to take a different path when she had such a promising career ahead of her? So, we went ahead and asked her.

Hi Nouria, could you share more about your decision to switch careers at the height of your professional success?

“I can understand that it might seem like a strange decision for someone with a bright career ahead of them, moving up the ranks quickly. However, that was exactly the problem. As you progress up the hierarchy, you start to notice elements that you really don’t like, such as being put into boxes, office politics, and manipulation. When you’re starting out as an analyst, you are so focused on doing a good job and getting promoted that you don’t notice these things. Later on, you become more aware of the hidden strategies and agendas that exist in the workplace, and I personally found that it’s not something that aligns with my values and professional aspirations.

You can either change yourself to fit into the box you’re being put in, or you can move on. I decided on the latter.

So, what can you do? You can either change yourself to fit into the box you’re being put in, or you can move on. I decided on the latter. It wasn’t an easy choice, as I was a bit scared to leave a good job. However, I knew it was the right choice so I started to search for a professional opportunity that checked all the boxes for me.”

And so you came across Projective Group. Does that mean we ticked of all your boxes?

(laughs) “During my job search, I had the opportunity to interview with several companies, including some of the big four as well as smaller boutique consultancy firms. However, when I stumbled upon Projective Group’s LinkedIn page, I was intrigued by the qualities they described. It was refreshing to find a company that wasn’t just interested in what I could do for them, but also what they could do for me. Their mindset and entrepreneurial spirit really resonated with me, and after some initial talks, I knew that Projective Group was the right fit for me.

Nouria Projective Group
“It’s rewarding to see the client’s reactions to the changes we’re making.”

Unlike other companies, Projective Group wasn’t focused on a clearly defined hierarchy and rigid rules. Instead, they were invested in my needs, ambitions, and aspirations. Today, I’m excited to be a member of the rapidly expanding French branch within the organisation. The fact that there’s no clearly defined path for me yet only adds to my enthusiasm. I’m eager to embark on a path of discovery and see where it takes me.”

As someone with a strong entrepreneurial drive, do you believe that you receive sufficient chances to nurture that aspect of yourself?

“Definitely, anyone who wants to pitch in with internal matters or wants to develop a specific skill or interest has the chance to do so. As for myself, I am currently part of the buy and build programme specifically focused on France. The programme’s goal is to acquire consulting companies that share a similar DNA and culture, helping us to solidify our position as a major player in the market and expand our footprint. There’s probably no more effective method for cultivating my entrepreneurial mindset than by assisting in the expansion of the Projective Group’s French division, is there?”

Unlike other companies, Projective Group wasn’t focused on a clearly defined hierarchy and rigid rules. Instead, they were invested in my needs, ambitions, and aspirations.

It’s great to hear that you’re on an exciting path of discovery. That’s keeping things interesting for you. Can you tell us which aspect of your job gives you the most energy?

“For me, it’s being able to work closely with the users. We’re currently in the process of decommissioning an application that our client’s been using, and it’s rewarding to see their reactions to the changes we’re making. When they’re satisfied or when they ask me questions or come to me with issues that I can resolve, it’s a great feeling because I feel like I’m really helping people. It’s not just about consulting, there are actual people at the end who are benefiting from the product I’m providing or who need my help to resolve an problem. It’s a tangible way of making a difference.”

Pyramid ProjectiveGroup

It sounds like you’ve found a great fit within the organisation and are enjoying your work. Any last words you’d like to share?

“Sure. If you’re looking for a workplace that values authenticity, where you’re free to be yourself and accepted for who you are, where you can explore your entrepreneurial side and chart your own career path, then Projective Group is the place for you. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and work on exciting projects that challenge you, while feeling like you truly matter and your voice is heard. Your personal and professional growth are top priorities. If that’s what you’re looking for in your next career move, then definitely check out Projective Group’s open vacancies or reach out to me.”

That’s a wonderful note to conclude this interview on. Thank you for this delightful conversation Nouria. It’s clear that you have a very bright future ahead of you.

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