Payments Case

Implementation of Clearing and Settlement for Instant Payments

The challenge

• Introducing Instant Payments required adapting the clearing and settlement cycle
• Transitioning from batch processes to individual, 24x7x365, 7-second processing

Our approach

• Led implementation efforts, with roles including Program Manager, Project Manager, and PMO
• Utilised expertise in complex change initiatives and deep domain knowledge of the payment value chain
• Established connections among internal and external stakeholders, including participating banks


• Successful introduction of Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement System (CSM) within agreed timelines
• Majority of consumer credit transfers processed as instant payments within 3 months

Date:October 2, 2021

With the introduction of Instant Payments, it was necessary to adapt the entire clearing and settlement cycle of a Dutch client focused on providing settlement services. In the past, the exchange and processing of payment transactions between banks occurred through batch processes. However, Instant Payments needed to be processed individually, 24x7x365, and within 7 seconds.

The role of the clearing and settlement processor is crucial in this context, as all transactions from all banks flow through this processor. In the final phase of this complex programme, Projective Goup led the ultimate implementation, taking on various roles including Program Manager, Project Manager, and Project Management Officer (PMO).

Our added value lays in the leadership of complex change initiatives, supported by years of experience and deep domain expertise of the payment value chain. The focus on achieving the end result through our implementation expertise and determination, as well as establishing connections between various internal and external stakeholders, including all participating banks, was instrumental.

Thanks in part to our efforts, the Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement System (CSM) was successfully introduced within the agreed timelines. Within 3 months of its introduction, the majority of all consumer credit transfers were being processed as instant payments.

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