Projective Group is investigating the dynamics of mobile onboarding and presents a whitepaper on challenger banks and user experience

Date:February 29, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of digital banking, the role of challenger banks in influencing traditional banks is an intriguing research topic. Projective Group, a leading change specialist in the financial sector, has conducted a comprehensive analysis to unravel the possibilities and potential of mobile onboarding processes. Our findings are outlined in our whitepaper ‘Mobile Welcome: Insights on Mobile Onboarding Processes’.

It’s a challenge to make the customer journey of mobile onboarding user-friendly, as the process must comply with various laws and regulations. Pim Stam, Consultant at Projective Group, comments: “This insight raises interesting questions. The evolution of the customer journey goes hand in hand with the pursuit of user-friendliness and personalization. Opening a bank account is no longer just a transaction; it’s an opportunity for banks to offer a range of services.”

The recently released whitepaper focuses on the quality of mobile onboarding processes for individual customers looking to open a current account through mobile apps and websites. In the whitepaper, we share in-depth research on user experience, accessibility speed, the look and feel of mobile apps, and risk and compliance considerations related to tax KYC, AML, and financial-economic crime. Discover the future of seamless onboarding: