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Projective Group recognised as Certified Partner Founder of EDM Council’s Data Excellence Programme

Date:February 15, 2024

Projective Group has today been recognised as a Certified Partner Founder of the Data Excellence Programme administered by the EDM Council, as one of just six organisations worldwide. As the first and only independent programme designed to measure and recognise data management capability at the organisational level, this announcement reflects Projective Group’s commitment and contribution to driving excellence and innovation in the data management community.

Projective Group (“the Group”) has been part of the EDM Council’s Authorised Partners Programme since 2017, upholding their global best-practice standards by delivering guidance, training, and assessments using the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) and Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) frameworks. Now the Group is also a Certified Partner Founder of the Data Excellence Programme, meaning that that it has achieved notable credentials in Data Excellence and is therefore qualified to support member firms in advancing their data management practices and ensuring trust in data across the enterprise.

Most recently, Projective Group has supported BT Group in becoming a founding member of the Data Excellence Programme through certifying that it meets the high standards required. As a result, BT Group is one of fifteen initial participating member firms who have been recognised by the EDM Council for their dedication to data management excellence and who are trusted to represent the Programme’s quality and integrity in the marketplace.

A key aspect of being a Certified Partner Founder is active participation in shaping the Data Excellence Programme. This means that, as well as being involved in the initial phase of development from which the formal Programme was created, Projective Group will also contribute insights, expertise, and recommendations to the programme’s evolution going forward. This underscores the Group’s commitment to being at the forefront of advancements in the data management community.

This underscores Projective Group’s commitment to being at the forefront of advancements in the data management community.

Proven track record

Being recognised as a Certified Partner Founder reflects Projective Group’s proven track record in delivering effective data management solutions for global organisations. The company’s experience in handling complex data challenges and its ability to align with industry standards, including DCAM, have positioned it as a trusted partner within the financial services industry and beyond. As well as data, the Group offers in-depth expertise in payments, transformation, talent, and risk and compliance.

The Data Excellence Programme also places a strong emphasis on education and training to empower organisations with the knowledge and skills necessary for delivering best practices. As a Certified Partner Founder, Projective Group contributes to shaping educational initiatives and developing training programmes that address the evolving needs of the industry. This not only benefits Projective Group and its clients, but also serves the broader goal of raising the overall proficiency of data management professionals across the world.

As Projective Group continues to actively contribute to the development of EDM Council’s Data Excellence Programme, it reinforces its dedication to driving positive change in data management and sets a benchmark for others in the industry to follow.

Scott Beange, Data Management Lead at Projective Group:

“Our certification as a partner founder of the Data Excellence Programme is a testament not only to our expertise in delivering top-tier data solutions, but also to our dedication to enabling continuous innovation and excellence for our clients and the broader data management community. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with industry leaders to uphold the EDM Council’s global standards and shape the future of data management.”

John Bottega, President at EDM Council:

“As we launch the Data Excellence Programme, we acknowledge the many contributions of our Founders. Projective Group is also one of our original Certified Partners, and we thank the team for their valuable insights in shaping the programme and especially in ensuring its business value. The team at Projective Group has not only demonstrated initial results but also has a clearly defined path for their own and their clients’ continued achievement in data excellence.”

About Projective Group

Projective Group is an international end-to-end partner for organisations who want to excel in an ever-changing environment. As a dedicated change agent for the financial industry, they provide seamless consulting services leveraging business, technology, and delivery expertise to drive envisaged benefits and results. Their propositions are focused along the industry themes of data, transformation, payments, talent, and risk and compliance, serving their clients from offices in Europe’s leading financial centres, including Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and Paris.

About EDM Council

EDM Council is the global association created to elevate the practice of data management and analytics as a business and operational priority. The Council is the leading, global advocate for the development and implementation of data standards, best practices and comprehensive training and certification programmes. With over 350 organisations from the Americas, EMEA and Asia, and over 25,000 data management professionals as members, EDM Council provides a venue for data professionals to interact, communicate, and collaborate on the challenges and advances in data management and analytics as critical organisational functions.