Payments Case

Restructuring G4S’s Payment Process

The challenge

  • G4S Cash faces administrative and IT challenges with the introduction of SEPA
  • Change supply orders primarily paid through automatic corporate direct debits

Our approach

  • Implementing SEPA B2B direct debit product
  • Restructuring and optimising G4S’s payment processes
  • Identifying operational risks in the Order-to-Cash chain and proposing improvements


  • SEPA B2B direct debit product successfully implemented
  • G4S’s payment processes well-prepared for the future
  • Projective Group remains an implementation partner for further enhancements and quality assurance
Date:July 2, 2021

G4S Cash provides change supply services to a variety of business clients in the Netherlands. As of August 1, 2014, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) was definitively introduced. The increased complexity posed administrative and IT-related challenges for G4S. Change supply orders are primarily paid through automatic corporate direct debits.

With the introduction of SEPA, the specifications for B2B (Business-to-Business) automatic direct debits underwent significant changes. G4S faced challenges during the implementation of this product and sought support from Projective Group to address these challenges.

No process challenge is too big for us. Whether it’s operational risks or payment processes, all processes can be improved.

Projective Group assisted G4S in implementing all necessary measures to effectively implement the SEPA B2B direct debit product within the organisation. Additionally, we restructured and optimised the payment processes within the G4S organisation. Furthermore, we also identified operational risks within the Order-to-Cash chain and provided improvement proposals for the medium and long term.

During the implementation of further enhancements, Projective Group will continue to play a significant role as an implementation partner and for Quality Assurance where relevant. By consistently keeping G4S informed, they remain up to date with all the current themes in the market.

G4S is now prepared for the future, and this also applies to their payment processes!

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