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The underestimated value of horizontal growth

Date:June 26, 2024

Andy Peeters, one of our senior consultants, has about two decades of experience in consulting. He has been happy at Projective Group for six years now. What sets us apart? “The flat structure and the sense of belonging are unique,” says Andy.

Andy Peeters graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science. “I had to decide what I wanted to study in the Y2K era. I thought it would be interesting to have a career as a developer,” says Andy. “It turned out that I didn’t like programming very much – I preferred the analytical part of my degree. But I thought being a developer was a good way to start my career, and it could lead to other things.”

And it did. Andy’s career has taken him from software developer to consultant, financial project manager, card payment specialist and data protection officer at PG.

Big consulting firms

In 2001, Andy joined one of the Big Four consulting firms as  SAP developer. He stayed there for about four years, moving more into a process design and process engineering role. From there, Andy joined another one of the Big Four and five years later, he moved to a global business and technology consultancy.

“My time there was my first experience in the financial services sector,” says Andy. “I worked there for eight years on some cool projects, such as leading the GDPR team. But after a while I didn’t feel at home anymore. I lost my motivation. My wife convinced me that it was time to look for a new job, and so I did. That’s how I ended up at Projective. Six years later, I am still very happy here.”

Good vibes only

With two decades of experience under his belt, Andy is in a good position to explain what sets Projective Group apart from other major consultancies. “The major difference for me is the flat hierarchy. In those other companies, it was all about climbing the ladder. But what if that’s not what you want?” Andy explains. “At a certain point I made it to a managerial position at one of my previous employers. That was fine, I still got to work on projects. But the next step up the ladder would take me away from the things I loved: client contact and project delivery. There seemed to be no way but up, or out.”

“Things are very different at Projective Group. When I started, I was told that I would remain a project manager. The only difference would be that I’d gain a lot more experience. And that’s exactly what has happened,” says Andy. “I also love how accessible everyone is at Projective Group. From the most important top dog to the most junior consultant, you can talk to anyone about a problem or an idea.”

I love the flat structure at Projective Group. In other consulting firms, it was all about climbing the ladder. But what if that’s not what you want?

Sense of belonging

It’s this openness that gives Andy such a sense of belonging. “At Projective Group I feel like I am part of something bigger. Something we’re building together. There’s a candour about feedback, about concerns. That’s why I’m still here after six years, and why I’ve even taken on an internal role as Data Protection Officer. I wouldn’t take on extra work if I wasn’t happy. In fact, I feel more at home here than I ever did at the other consultancies.

Card swap

Andy has become a card payments expert. In his current role at a major Belgian bank, he is the Cluster Scrum Master for Cards in Daily Banking. This means that he’s responsible for solving cross-tribe issues and impediments for the various Cards squads.

Over the past six years, Andy has worked on some really cool projects. For example, adding more features to their banking app, such as the ability to consult and reset your PIN in the app, or to block and replace your card with just a few taps.

Another major project was the roll-out of the Visa Debit card at the same major Belgian bank. “In 18 months, we replaced no less than 4 million cards. And as they were the first bank to use Visa Debit cards, there were some teething problems,” recalls Andy. “This project taught me a lot about the complexities of producing a bank card. There are so many things to consider: materials, design, security, sustainability… and everything that comes after that to make the card actually work. There was so much communication with online payment systems, payment terminal providers and other key partners to make sure customers could actually use their new cards to pay for things. It was very educational.”

At Projective Group I feel like I am part of something bigger. Something we’re building together.

Golden advice

To conclude, we asked Andy for his ultimate tip for graduates or people in the early stages of their careers. His answer is not what you might expect. “I would say: dare to say no. I found it difficult to say no at the beginning of my career. I was afraid I’d lose opportunities, or that I’d be judged for saying no, or that I’d regret it later. A bit of FOMO avant la lettre,” says Andy. “We all talk about mental health and wellbeing, but that starts with you. Be honest about what you want, who you are and what you can handle, and don’t be afraid to be true to yourself. The sooner you learn to say no to things that drain your energy or don’t get you where you want to go, the easier it will be along the way.”

The sooner you learn to say no to things that drain your energy or don’t get you where you want to go, the easier it will be along the way.


Not everyone wants to keep climbing the ladder until they reach the top. For people like Andy and many others, there’s a lot to be gained from horizontal growth. Getting better and more experienced at what you love to do, rather than trading the things you enjoy for the things that come with prestige and responsibility, can be a great way to grow in your career. At Projective Group, our flat structure allows for growth in all possible directions, whichever you prefer.

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