danielle geelen

Danielle Geelen

Risk & Compliance consultant

Daniëlle is a legal and regulatory consultant with a strong focus on the interpretation and implementation of financial regulations. In recent years, she has focused primarily on sustainability legislation, including the SFDR and MiFID sustainability preferences.​

As an experienced legal counsel, she is well able to advise on various legal topics, taking a practical approach. She also acts as an interim legal counsel. ​

She knows how to reduce legally complex problems to their core, to find practical solutions to solve them and communicate the solution in an understandable way. 

Relevant experience

  • In recent years, she has gained a lot of experience in implementing new ESG legislation, helping several financial institutions comply with the new rules
  • Implementing and interpreting laws and regulations, including SFDR, MiFID II, CCD, MCD and PSD
  • Serve as an interim Legal Counsel for banks and investment firms
  • Providing Legal advice in a practical way on Dutch supervision law requirements
  • Write Legal qualification memos
  • Provide training/workshops 
  • Prepare and present Regulatory Updates 
  • Editor Ruler