klaske beyer

Klaske Beyer

Risk & Compliance Consultant

Klaske is a compliance, legal and risk management professional with a strong focus on sustainability, also known as ESG. She is well able to advise financial institutions holistically on the full range of ESG issues as well as to help themnavigate in the field of implementation work and provide implementation support. She knows howto bring technical and complex legal challenges to the core and communicate themin a practical and understandable way.

Relevant experience

  • Interpreting and implementing ESG laws and regulations;
  • Performimpact-, gap analyses and Quality Assurance (ESG);
  • Develop ESG Awareness training (e-learning) for The Ministry of Compliance;
    Publishing on ESG;
  • Prepare Regulatory updates ESG;
  • ESG (sustainability) Webinar/blog items ESG;
  • Project lead policy management framework (as business change manager);
    Project Governance;
  • Project Risk and Control.