Future Pensions Act (Wtp) awareness e-learning

Date:June 17, 2024

The Future Pensions Act introduces significant changes affecting pension funds and stakeholders. Organisations are busy preparing for the transition to the new system. But alongside all that hard work, there needs to be room for training and education so that the organisation also operates flawlessly after the transition. The earlier you respond to this need, the better prepared you will be.

The urgency of Wtp awareness

Pension funds and administrators are busy transitioning to the new legislation. Special teams or departments are working very hard to meet the deadlines. But the employees who have to embrace a new way of working after the transition are sometimes overlooked in this process.

It is crucial that employees not only have a superficial understanding, but also gain thorough knowledge of what the Wtp means for them and how the Wtp will affect their work. This is essential to ensure continuity and effectiveness of operations after the transition. At the same time, awareness, education or training is often still low on the agenda at organisations and it appears that it takes more time than available for experts to develop training themselves.

Wtp awareness training

Projective Group specialises in both pensions and training professionals. We have already carried out successful programmes for several pension funds, including customised training on ESG and compliance. Our advantage is that we combine subject-matter expertise with an efficient and standardised approach, allowing us to develop and implement training courses quickly and effectively.

Projective Group offers a Wtp awareness e-learning that provides an overview of the key features of the Wtp. The e-learning is available in Dutch and English, and suitable for a broad target group and lays the foundation for further in-depth training. The advantage of our training and approach? Our expert consultants have all the knowledge about Wtp. They know better than anyone else what pension funds and administrators need to know in order to carry out the work properly after the transition.

Do you need more depth after the e-learning? Then our consultants offer in-depth, interactive workshops covering specific, relevant themes for the organisation.

Customised training

Just because we offer a standard e-learning does not mean we cannot make it specific to each organisation. Together, we look at your own policies and products and integrate them into the training. This allows us to customise the training and make it specific to each organisation. The basics remain standard, but with a focus on the organisation’s demand.