Talent Case

Empowering women in finance and tech with targeted development programmes 

The challenge

  • The client wants to make Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging a top priority and makes a conscious effort to recruit more women into leadership roles 
  • Twice as many women as men leave the tech industry within 10-20 years 
  • Due to the smaller pool of female tech talent, they needed help reaching these high potentials

Our approach

  • We partnered with the client to find a tailored solution to their challenge  
  • While not excluding male candidates, we consciously recruited with a female mindset 
  • We’ve built up an extensive talent pool over the years

Key results

  • Tailored development programme set up for women to put high potentials on the fast track to leadership 
  • Events organised to promote the programme and its objectives  
  • Former Projective Group’er on the board of client’s network to help achieve gender equality within the organisation

Date:September 18, 2023

Our client, a global financial institution, is committed to promoting diversity within its organisation. Unfortunately, female technical profiles are still the exception rather than the rule. Projective Group worked with the client to create a tailored development programme to put high potentials – especially women – on the fast track to leadership. The goal? More women in top tech positions! 

Diversity is not a trend, it’s a requirement 

Our client is a global financial institution providing banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services to over 40 million customers in 40 countries. They certainly have influence, and in order to use their power for good, they have a clear focus on promoting diversity within their organisation. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s good for business. Different perspectives drive innovation, accelerate growth and deliver better results. That’s why the client actively promotes diversity in three key areas of its business: recruitment, career development and communication. 

Equal treatment doesn’t necessarily promote equal opportunity. 

It is important to note that equality is not the same as equity (or fairness). Equal treatment doesn’t necessarily promote equal opportunity. For example, due to the fact that a large proportion of unpaid domestic work and childcare still falls on women in our society, some women with children may need different things in order to shine in their leadership role. Flexible working hours and remote working are just two examples that spring to mind. 

Where are the women? 

Having diversity as a strategic business objective is a good start. But recruiting more women and getting them into leadership roles is more challenging in some sectors than others. Research shows that women hold only about a third of tech-related jobs and are twice as likely as men to leave the tech industry within 10 to 20 years. Studies suggest that the main reason for this is a lack of perspective and unequal opportunities.  

But before you can make a difference by offering prospects and equal opportunities, you first have to find these female tech talents and bring them on board. That’s where our client was struggling. 

Supporting development 

They asked for our help and we set about developing a strategic solution that would be owned by both the client and Projective Group. Together, we developed a two-year development programme tailored to women, with the aim of accelerating their careers towards a key leadership position with the client. One year into the programme, they would lead a team of 10 to 15 people. This number grows each year. In five years, they will manage 100 people.  

Together, we developed a two-year development programme tailored to women, with the aim of accelerating their careers towards a key leadership position with the client. 

The training programme is carefully designed to develop leadership skills in a practical, fast-paced but very supportive environment. Partnering with several renowned training organisations ensures the quality and effectiveness of this training programme. In addition to group training, participants are given an individual budget to spend on other courses, conferences, books, certifications and so on. Finally, each participant is assigned a personal coach (we call them Talent Development Managers or TDMs for short) to support their growth throughout the two years, both on a personal and professional level. 

Paving the way  

It’s too early to see quantitative results from these efforts. However, the training programme is in place and we’re doing all we can to recruit suitable candidates. We’ve also organised an event to raise the profile of the programme and promote awareness of its existence.  

One of our consultants had already joined the client prior to the development of this programme and is now an ambassador for the promotion of gender equity in the organisation. A special network has been set up for this purpose, with our former consultant as Community Lead.  

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