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Projective Group UK champions men’s health with fundraising Movember event

Date:December 14, 2023

In reflection of our ongoing commitment to promoting employee wellbeing and fostering an open, inclusive culture, this November Projective Group UK hosted a fundraising Movember event following a month of initiatives highlighting the importance of men’s health. This, of course, included a lot of hairy faces and plenty of fun, but also aimed to raise awareness about men’s health by delving into a series of important discussions on masculinity. By providing an opportunity for employees to explore and challenge societal norms, Projective Group set a compelling example of forward-thinking workplace initiatives including interactive sessions on men’s health, informative internal communications, and finishing the month with a team Movember event.

Panel Discussion: Navigating Masculinity Across Cultures

A highlight of the Movember event was a thought-provoking panel discussion where individuals in the company from various backgrounds came together to share their perspectives on masculinity within their respective cultures and communities. This insightful discourse explored the challenges, common stereotypes, and positive facets of masculinity.

From debunking stereotypes to acknowledging cultural nuances, the panellists engaged in an open and honest conversation that shed light on the complexities of navigating masculinity in today’s diverse world. By providing a platform for such discussions, we aim to encourage openness, inclusivity, and understanding among all our employees.

I feel like being a man is often a thing you cannot be proud of…

Group Discussions: Prioritising Physical and Mental Health for Men

Recognising that holistic wellbeing goes beyond physical health, the Movember event also featured group discussions on the importance of physical and mental health for men. These sessions provided a safe space for employees to share personal experiences, discuss coping mechanisms, and explore strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The event emphasised the significance of addressing mental health challenges faced by men, dismantling the stigma surrounding seeking help and encouraging a workplace culture that prioritises mental wellbeing. In this way, we aim to create an environment that values diverse experiences and perspectives and that supports and empowers people to take care of their overall health.

Fundraising for Movember

As well as the group and panel discussions, the event included an important fundraising element. Throughout the month, employees engaged in spirited efforts to grow moustaches and take on daily physical challenges to help raise awareness and funds for Movember. Plus, the evening of the event featured an ‘honesty bar’ where each drink symbolised a £1 donation. This unique initiative, coupled with the collective dedication of the team, resulted in an impressive total donation of £1,900 for Movember!

Projective Group’s Movember event not only raised awareness and money for men’s health, but also provided a platform for employees to engage in meaningful conversations.

Projective Group’s Movember event not only raised awareness and money for men’s health, but also provided a platform for employees to engage in meaningful conversations about masculinity. By organising panel discussions, group sessions, and engaging fundraising activities, Projective Group demonstrated how workplaces can play a crucial role in breaking down stereotypes, promoting understanding, and prioritising the wellbeing of their employees.

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